Ancestral Stewards of the Grand Teton and Jackson Hole Landscape
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Bentwood Inn Jackson Hole

Ancestral Stewards of the Grand Teton and Jackson Hole Landscape

Honoring the Ancestral Stewards of the Grand Teton and Jackson Hole Landscape

At the Bentwood Inn, in the heart of the Grand Teton and Jackson Hole area, we hold a deep respect for the rich cultural heritage and natural history of this magnificent region. As stewards of such a breathtaking landscape, we recognize the importance of honoring its past, particularly the ancestral stewards of the landscape, who have shaped its history and culture.

Immersing in Natural History at the Bentwood Inn

In our ongoing commitment to sustainability and cultural respect, we've integrated several initiatives to educate and immerse our guests in the area's unique natural history. One of the highlights of the Bentwood Inn experience is our natural history library located in the Great Room. Stocked with over 160 titles, it offers a wealth of knowledge about the region's natural and cultural heritage. From geological formations to the diverse wildlife that roams the area, our library is a treasure trove for those eager to learn.

We also provide detailed information about the native peoples who first inhabited the area. This rich history can be discovered in our guestbooks found in each room and displayed proudly in our main lobby. Understanding the lives and traditions of these early inhabitants offers a deeper appreciation of the area and its enduring significance.

Engaging with Community and Culture

In our commitment to cultural appreciation and education, we host informative dinners at the Inn. These events feature community representatives, historians, and field biologists who share insights into their research and the region's history. We're proud to say that field biologists coming to Jackson can stay with us free of charge, in exchange for a presentation about their work. This not only supports ongoing research but also enriches the experience of our guests. To stay updated on these interpretive events, we encourage everyone to follow our Facebook page.

Learning More About the Region's Native Tribes

Understanding the history and culture of the Grand Teton and Jackson Hole area is incomplete without acknowledging its original inhabitants. The ancestral stewards of this landscape have left an indelible mark on its character, a legacy we strive to honor and preserve. We invite our guests to delve into this rich history and gain a deeper appreciation for the land they are exploring.

To learn more about the tribes native to the Tetons, we have provided a list curated by the National Park Service that offers a starting point for this journey of discovery. This list is not just names and dates; it's a gateway to understanding the vibrant cultures and traditions that have thrived in these mountains and valleys for centuries. Join us in this journey of discovery and respect for the ancestral stewards of this remarkable landscape.

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